The office spaces, as well as the office environment, have evolved tremendously over the years. More and more businesses are transitioning to office suites with lots of office space or individual offices. Now, businesses have the option to work in a shared office space. This leaves a major question for small business owners: conventional vs. shared office – which is right for them.

Conventional vs Shared Office

Different businesses have different needs. It entirely depends on your business structure that which office environment will suit your needs the best. Let’s discuss some benefits of conventional as well as shared office spaces.

Benefits of Conventional Office Space

  1. More Privacy and Space

One of the perks of having a conventional office is that you have privacy. You can easily escape from the noisy as well as distracting coworking environment.

  1. Control Over Environment

Private and conventional office space provides you more control over the environment there. Thus, from branding to design, you can customize your space according to your needs.

  1. Opportunity to Impress Guests

In a private office, you can invite the guests in your own room instead of asking them to join you in a conference room. Having a space of your own is impressive. It reflects your organization’s culture and ideals.

Benefits of Shared Office Space

  1. Good Sense of Community

When you are working on your own in your home, things get quite lonely. Coworking offers a sense of belonging by engaging you in a like-minded community.

  1. Flexibility

You can renew your coworking membership every month depending on your needs. There is no long term contract so you can be flexible with the agreement.

  1. Networking

When you are working around so many professional people, networking becomes your second nature. Thus, you get to meet different faces every day which helps you in building good contacts.