One of the biggest drivers of the coworking trend is the emergence of millennials in the professional world. They’re becoming successful entrepreneurs as well as joining & building startups. They are completely transforming the trends of where and how we work. But why are shared office spaces so appealing to millennials in the first place? Let’s see in this article.

3 Reasons Millennials Love Shared Office Spaces

Here are some reasons why millennials love shared office spaces:

  1. Fewer Responsibilities

Millennial entrepreneurs who join shared office spaces have fewer responsibilities and issues to worry about. The building owners take care of all the cleaning and maintenance responsibilities themselves. This is one reason why millennials prefer coworking spaces instead of renting their own office space.

  1. Lower Costs

The cost of working in shared office spaces is always less than full-office counterparts. Buying a large office can cost you several thousand dollars a month. On the other hand, getting membership in a good shared space can potentially be done under $100 a month. This provides a major advantage to millennials.

  1. Good Support for Startups

Many millennials love the idea of starting their own business. The availability of useful online resources and the fast turnover rate for startups are making it possible to create a successful business from scratch. When millennials join a coworking space, they get idea entrepreneur opportunities in a small budget. Besides that, they get access to the latest features and networking with other business owners.

  1. Resistance to Traditional Offices

Millennials are greatly resisting the urge to follow the work structure of traditional offices. They are successfully demolishing corporate hierarchies, breaking down 9 to 5 work mentalities, and redefining social norms in business interactions. All of this has become possible because of coworking spaces.