You can choose your friends but you cannot choose your coworkers. Different coworkers have a different approach towards life and work. While working in a coworking space, there are times when you have to get along with a coworker you do not like. Even if you do not like a specific person, you can always keep the relationship professional for working better together and making your every day feel less like a chore.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss certain ways to deal with difficult coworkers.

3 Ways to Get Along with a Coworker You Do Not Like

  1. Rise above the Bad Behavior of that Coworker

If your coworker shows bad behavior and you find it difficult to get along, try to ignore and avoid the person who is driving you crazy. If he/she is doing this intentionally so that you cannot focus on your work, the best solution is not to respond. Just stay dedicated to your work and avoid all the distractions from their side.

  1. Seek Out New Perspectives

Sometimes the reason you do not like a coworker is your own perspective. You may be focusing too much on his/her bad habits and ignoring the good in them. Try to reframe your perspective and think about the good qualities of that person. Appreciate that coworker when he/she does something nice and deal kindly. Maybe he/she is dealing with a big problem in his/her personal life so your act of appreciation in that situation will never get unnoticed.

  1. Report as a Last Resort

When you feel like the situation is becoming out of control, report the administration of coworking space. Use it as the last resort when everything else fails and you need an intervention. Putting yourself in negativity, again and again, will reduce your creative thinking and productivity.