If you are looking for stable working space for your team, using a dedicated desk at a shared office place is a good option. Dedicated desks basically ensure the members that a particular desk is theirs as long as they book their membership. You can leave your accessories like computer, monitor, or wireless keyboard on your desk freely and can store your important stuff in small locked storage without worrying that someone else will use that desk tomorrow.

Here are some useful pros and cons of using dedicated desks listed down. Have a look at them below:

Pros of Having a Dedicated Desk

  1. You get more privacy by having your own desk.
  2. You can bring your own favorite chair on your desk.
  3. Dedicated desks often have a locking file cabinet where you can store your important documents.
  4. You can personalize your space according to your needs.
  5. You can easily leave your work tools including desktop computers and extra monitors at your desk.
  6. Having your own desk in your favorite coworking space boosts your productivity.
  7. You get easy access to conference rooms, event spaces, mail service, and a phone booth.

Cons of Having Dedicated Desks

  1. Dedicated desks are generally away from the common working space and collaborative area.
  2. You usually have less social interaction at a dedicated desk as compared to working in a common area.
  3. Dedicated desks are more expensive than flexible memberships.
  4. You work next to the same people every day instead of making new connections.
  5. You have the same surroundings and views every day.

Although dedicated desk has some cons, its pros highly outweigh its drawbacks. If you have your own working desk in a shared office, it provides you a stable working space to work on your ideas. So. join Epidesk today and book your own desk.