A conference room is a necessary space in a coworking environment so that large groups and teams can discuss their business ideas. Most of the conference rooms usually have a large table, chairs, and adequate lighting at the very least.

There are some important etiquettes that every team should follow while using a conference room. Today, we’ll discuss some necessary etiquettes of using conference rooms in a coworking space. Let’s start.

4 Tips for Proper Conference Room Etiquettes

  1. Book the Conference Room before Using it

You may think that it is okay to just pop into the unoccupied room for a few minutes without booking it. If you are a part of a coworking community, don’t just pump into an empty conference room without reserving the space first.

  1. Don’t Leave a Mess Behind

As a common courtesy to the next team who will be using the room, make sure to leave the space clean. Nobody likes to walk into the room for an urgent meeting with a client just to find the table strewn with empty coffee cups and piles of paper.

  1. Stick to the Schedule

Usually, meetings get longer than expected but it is always up to you to keep things organized and make sure that you leave the room on time. If you even go 10 minutes above your scheduled time, it will create a domino effect that throws everyone off schedule.

  1. Reserve the Conference Room Early

Make a habit of reserving conference rooms a few days earlier before the meeting. If you hold up until the day of the meeting, you may find yourself with no access to space. Similarly, if your meetings schedule changes, make sure to cancel the reservation at the same moment.

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