Bad communication in the coworking place undercuts our ability to execute at our best. When there are poor relationships between coworkers, it affects productivity, creates tensions, conflicts, and difficulties. So, proper communication between coworkers is necessary to promote an atmosphere of mutual harmony, friendliness, and creativity.

It is a well-known fact that happier coworkers are more productive. Much of it comes from building healthy dynamics between coworkers. Let’s today share a few tips to boost communication between coworkers.

3 Ways to Encourage Good Communication between Coworkers

  1. Support Knowledge Sharing

Coworkers that learn together, grow together. Encourage coworkers to ask each other for help and to offer help when it’s asked for. Emphasize teamwork and collaboration by establishing these as core company values.  In addition, arrange weekly knowledge sharing sessions in your coworking space to provide opportunities for team bonding and skills learning. These types of activities help coworkers to get to know each other as people, not just workers.

  1. Promote Effective Conflict Resolution

No matter how healthy atmosphere a coworking place has, there always arise occasional conflicts concerning different matters. Whether or not these conflicts turn into serious fights is dependent on how you handle them. Make sure to set a clear-cut procedure for handling conflicts in a respectful and constructive way. If every coworker knows that there is a system for managing conflicts effectively, he/she will be less likely to fear or avoid issues when they arise.

  1. Build Professional Relationships

People usually like to feel connected to their coworkers to some degree. They prefer to find common grounds with the people they work by talking about non-work stuff. But remember, while communicating with your coworkers, don’t cross professional lines. Always set boundaries and never try to get beyond them. Do not dig into your coworker’s personal lives until and unless they feel comfortable sharing it with you.

Epidesk cares about its members and always builds strategies for encouraging healthy communication between teams. So. join us today to grow your business in a positive environment.