In this modern era of business, it has become essential for every business to have a mission statement. It acts as a formal representation of the goals and values of an organization and provides an idea to employees as well as customers about the focus of a company.

Almost all coworking spaces share similar mission statements in the form of shared values. Let’s discuss the 5 core values of a good coworking space below:

5 Core Values of a Good Coworking Space

  1. Collaboration

Coworking spaces predominantly focus on startups and freelancers so it is important to encourage high collaboration rate within the space. Each coworker should feel like they have the ability to reach out to other fellow coworkers and ask for guidance on specific topics.

  1. Openness

Regardless of the industry, every business should have an atmosphere of openness in the office. It provides people with the ability to be themselves and freely focus on achieving their goals.

  1. Sustainability

Coworking spaces are becoming popular because of the common mission to remain sustainable. This basically refers to holding a good balance between giving and receiving among fellow coworkers. The idea of sharing knowledge and skills mutually has been a key reason why coworking is so in trend for startups and freelancers.

  1. Accessibility

Coworking spaces highly focus on educational and locational accessibility. Having a good location in a good area provides several options for daily activities like food, cafes, gyms, libraries, etc. In order to enhance educational accessibility, coworking business spaces organize great events, workshops, and business talks.

  1. Community

The value of a coworking space totally depends on the kind of community it has. The value of community is all about creating friendly bonds and accommodating fellow coworkers. Strong coworking community paves ways for further collaboration and mutual benefits to all coworkers.