EpiDesk Coworking is a place that provides a creative work environment for people who want to live a boss-free lifestyle. We promote collaboration and offer a professional, inspirational, and self-sustaining business space to grow, nurture, and celebrate entrepreneurship.

As a community of unique-minded and business-focused people, we provide collaboration on projects, share resources, and generate success to support the livelihood of our members. Epidesk is designed to help your business thrive.

Different Coworking Spaces at Epidesk

We offer the following types of coworking spaces:

  1. Conference Room 1

Our Conference Room 1 provides:

  • Seating space for 6 people
  • Reliable high-speed WIFI
  • Large whiteboard to write on
  • Free coffee/tea and fruit water
  • Book this room for $35 per hour
  1. Conference Room 2

Our Conference Room 2 offers:

  • Seating space for 12 members
  • Reliable high-speed WIFI
  • Whiteboard and large TV screen
  • Free Coffee/ Tea and Fruit Water
  • Book your meeting here at $65 per hour
  1. Hot Desk

We provide Hot Desk Coworking space with:

  • Spacious common seating area
  • Reliable high-speed WIFI
  • Free Fax service
  • Free coffee/tea and fruit water
  • The plan starts from $30 per month
  1. Private Office

Our Private Office offers amazing facilities that include:

  • 1 to 4 employees offices
  • Lockable Storage/ File Cabinet
  • Reliable High-Speed WIFI
  • Free Coffee/ Tea and Fruit Water
  • 10 Hours of Conference Room
  • Unlimited Printing
  • Free Fax Service
  • The plan starts from $900 per month
  1. Shared Office

Using our Shared Office, you can get:

  • A desk in a shared office of 3 to 4 desks
  • Lockable storage/filing unit under desk
  • Reliable high-speed WIFI
  • Free coffee/ tea and fruit water
  • 5 hours of conference room per month
  • 100 pages of printing per month
  • Free Fax service
  • Book your office for $499 per month
  1. Virtual Office

You can book our virtual office that includes:

  • A prestigious address for your business
  • Affordable administrative assistance
  • An Option to forward your mail to your home
  • Option to rent Conference room per hour
  • Option to rent a desk for a day/ week/ month
  • Join us today for $55 per month

Why EpiDesk

Anyone who holds experience of managing an office knows that it is much more than just setting chairs, putting papers in the printer, and coffee in the break room. There’s an entire workflow that needs to be followed and sustained to keep the company running and to make sure that employees are satisfied.

At EpiDesk, we work as a one-stop shop for workplace solutions. We put a lot of energy, dedication, coordination, and time to provide the best working environment for our members. Whether you are a small team of three or a fast-growing company with increasing headcounts, EpiDesk has a great membership plan for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a member of EpiDesk today!